rubyspirit (rubyspirit) wrote in oklahomasooners,

There is no excuse for OU to lose with so many good players

The game was fixed. I wonder how much Stoops was paid to throw it.

Florida offense is - Tebow, his roommate, another WR, and a running back with a bad knee and TWO bad ankles.

We had - Sammy, Iggy, Greshman, Manning, Chaney, Chris Brown, Madu, Broyles, Eldridge, etc., etc., etc ... all 100% healthy!

Florida's first touchdown was not valid. The OU players on the field was looking for the coaches to challenge but they didn't. Sooner Defense was outstanding and ready to play!!!!

If we had made field goals on those 2 interceptions our momentum would have been exceptional going into halftime

We have THE BEST talent in the country on our team and we lose to a subpar team. The only reason can be ... COACHING. Why was plays changed as many as 3 times???!!!

Is this a ploy to get Sam Bradford to play another year?

COACHING. Bob Stoops should be embarrassed. I hope he takes one of the open NFL jobs.

Everyone should boycott Sooner sports until Stoops is removed. Tell your family and friends.

Seriously, do they think we are that DUMB?
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